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outdoor yoga classes from April 2021
full and half day yoga retreats in June and July 2021

Hi, I am on YouTube

this is where I demonstrate + explain yoga asanas (poses) individually + upload short yoga flows for you to follow along in the comfort of your home

more to come soon....

cultivate an understanding for asanas
align correcly + safely
become aware of your own body
enjoy the physical practice of yoga

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live online kids yoga
friday, april 23, 1615
£5 per houshold

my expertise

Since 2017, I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher based in Plymouth, UK. I also hold the 95 hour Kids Yoga, the 12 hour GroovyKids Yoga and the 28 hour Rainbow Kids Yoga  teacher qualifications. I have practised and taught yoga in Dubai, Oman, Bali and the UK and am delighted to be offering a range of live online group classes, private classes and monthly worshops. My classes are uplifting, educating and nurturing for mind and body.

During these uncertain times, I hope my classes can give us an opportunity to keep connected with each other and our yoga practice. Everyone, of any level, is welcome to join us on their mats. Simply get in touch via email or phone to find out more or to book your spot.

I look forward to meeting you on the mat.

Namasté, Sophie

march workshop 2021

spring equinox


It’s time to come out of the hibernation period of Winter and get ready to leap into the Spring. We’re taking you on a Re:YOUvenating journey to reawaken that part of yourself that has been reseting during the colder months.

This online workshop will provide a space for you to connect with self. Whatever that might look like is completely unique to your reality.

We will be leading you through a Hatha Yoga session with Palm Tree Yoga where Sophie will take you through a flow that reborns the body. Focusing on renewal and strength that welcomes all levels.

Faye will guiding you through the savasana guided meditation journey that will connect with self through visualisation. The meditation will be focusing on the future months in the Spring Season and what we want to bring forward.

The final part of the workshop will be tuning into journaling. Journaling is a great technique to really empty our minds in-front of us to explore. Unraveling our subconscious and conscious mind to draw in how we see ourself in the Spring Season and what we wish to connect with.

We’re looking forward to holding this space for you to enjoy and thrive in. It’s exactly what we need as we begin to move with the season and nature changes.

The workshop will start at 10am – 12:30pm on the 20th March 2021. Hatha Yoga will start first lasting 45 minutes, followed by a 35 minute meditation, a break then finishing off with the journaling session. 

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing for the yoga session, bring a yoga/ excersice mat and a journal/ paper and pen to write with. 

Please make sure you are in a quiet setting when joining as this time is for YOU. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact either of us on 

dualityvisions@gmail.com or


Ticket price is £25 per person. Refunds are accepted up until 48 hours before the event starts. Click on the button below to book. Please include your name and email address on the booking! 

We look forward to connecting with you.
Faye & Sophie

hips + twists workshop

~ balance & wellbeing for all ~

Yoga that is gentle, yet challenging, fun yet meaningful, calming yet invigorating, check out my schedule or connect with me.

Did you know that yoga....