Adult Yoga Classes

My Hatha flow classes are smooth and gentle, accessible for all – all body types, all ages and all abilities. 

Much more than merely a physical practice (asana) yoga gives us the chance to really connect with our bodies, and to slow down while gaining strength.

Our yoga mats are a way to understand ourselves better; physically, mentally, emotionally. 

Yoga has helped me gain strength, mobility and confidence in my body. Mentally, yoga has given me clarity and focus.

I see my practice as a moving meditation, done in a group, but individually at the same time – in your own time – which is an easier and more accessible way to meditate and practice yoga asanas.

Practicing with me, you can expect to learn the foundations of a safe asana practice and progress within this practice, how to be present and calm while the body moves intuitively in a non-competititve and non-judgemental environment. 

As a private client, you can delve into yoga with a more customised approach, to suit whatever your schedule and whatever your goals. 

Please don’t hesitate to connect with me, on and off the mat.

Love, Sophie 

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