Kids class

Teaching children yoga is a world away from their rigid classroom or online learning.

A space where they can be free to express and explore in a safe and gentle way; in an atmosphere where there is no competition or fear of failure. 

For many children, especially those suffering with anxiety, stress or shyness, or those intimidated by sporting activities, yoga can be a fun and open space to learn about the body and mind.

Through mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation, and other exercises, children learn about tools to manage day to day issues in a more calm way, helping them to better connect mind and body and to look ‘inwards’, affording them a different perspective on life.

These are skills which they take with them for life, to benefit their relationship with themselves and the world around them. 

I’m looking forward to seeing your little one(s) on the mat.

Love, Sophie

Key features of kids yoga

Partner Work

helps form deeper bonds with peers

fosters compassion and cooperation

cultivates communication and listening skills 


improves focus

aids relaxation

decreases feelings of being overwhelmed by pressures in school 

Breathing Techniques

reduce stress levels

release tension and frustration

help manage emotions 

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