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October 2019 Kids Yoga taster session

Kids Yoga taster @Yogablend October 2019

At today’s kids yoga taster session we went on a magical journey to the ‘Secret Beach’. The mums were so keen to be part of this experience that we let them join in the fun and games. 

We started off by sharing our names and favourite part in the whole wide world, while holding a beautiful shell. This made us feel confidnt and calm. Then, we gently warmed up the body with spinal movements, and mind with the ‘push-stick dance’, cultivating focus and non-verbal communication. Next, we used our strong breathing technique to fill up our hot air balloon, which took us to the beach, where we did surf yoga using dynamic movements, followed by stillness. After all the fun in the sea, we decided to venture to the ‘Secret Beach’, crossing a tightrope. At this beach we made friends with animals, which inspired our yoga poses (parrot, fish, mouse, shark, butterfly, crab). We discovered that these animals are very friendly, kind and that they do everything together! This inspired us to do our yoga poses together, in our families. Our favourite partner pose was the lizzard chilling on the mini mouse, as were the butterfly buddies and the friendly fish. As the night approached, we set up our campfire using our legs as logs and we made a big fire using our strong breath. By the fire we ate a home-made sandwich using our favourite ingredients, stretching the body to get the ingredients out of our rucksack. After dinner, we each made a wish. As we inhaled, we placed our wish into our belly balloon and as we exhaled, we let the balloon fly into the sky with our wish, knowing that the Universe has heard our wish. Feeling warm and cozy, we finally got into our sleeping mats and relaxed for a few minutes, looking up to the night sky and thinking about the favourite part of our adventure. We ended our magical journey by sharing our favourite part of this class, we sang the ‘Namaste’ song and ‘OM’ed together. 

Yoga is better together.

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Love, Sophie